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WannaCry Ransomware: The Global Cyber Attack

  WannaCry is by far the most severe malware attack in 2017, and the spread of this troubling ransomware is far reaching. This malware attack began spreading across the globe late last week, and security researchers estimated that nearly 57,000 computers in more than 150 countries were infected by the virus by Friday. While the […]

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LegisOne and Contract Law

  In an integrated world economy, for efficient global trade, respect and trust between partners in business is imperative. Deals should be made with one mind and with mutual goals lest disputes arise. Trust between parties should be preserved and mechanisms to resolve differences on an ongoing basis should be put in place. LegisOne brings […]

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UK Supreme Court Upholds English Competency Test for Immigration

  UK Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to English Competence Test for Foreign Spouses Yesterday (18th November 2015) in a land mark judgment related to Immigration, Supreme court of United Kingdom, rejected the challenge of the Immigration Rule of 2010 imposing the test of English Competence to the Spouse of UK citizen, seeing immigration to UK. […]

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Online Foreclosure and Defense Services

Economic recession in the early 21st century saw an increase in the foreclosure due to loss of jobs which resulted in loss of income, unexpected medical bills or the adjustable-rate mortgage taken out a  couple of years ago is scheduled to reset at a much higher rate and due to this people failed to make […]

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Online Medical Regime

   Online Medical Regime The I.T revolution has diversified consumer behavior in unprecedented ways. The change has resulted in the sprouting up of web sites that are specialized in various fields ranging from toys or sports equipment to the delivery of homemade food and other interpersonal services. Among such evolving concepts, new domains are always […]

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Child Custody Services Online – LegisOne

  Ending once marriage is not an easy task and with the divorce proceedings being long drawn it is very trying and emotionally drains one. What is more disheartening is when the child custody issue is involved and both the parties resort to bitter tactics to win the custody case. Agreed that the custody case […]

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Online Prenuptial Agreement

  Statistics indicate a disheartening picture in the increase in number of divorces irrespective of geographical location religion or any community. One cannot zero in on a reason for a marital discord, it’s subjective. However there is a common factor that is common to all and is a cause of discord in any relation be […]

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Patents Search Online Support

  If one were to look at the current scenario related to rise in patenting it can be attributed to the country’s inclination for innovation partly which is the result of U.S. patent law which encourages and protects the inventors. However on the flip side: why still many inventors shy away from patenting their inventions […]

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  Pro-se in simple terms means legal self-representation in court without an attorney. Inspite of being aware of the complexities of legal procedures many still go pro-se due to myriad reasons. From costly attorney fees, to the attorneys preference to the profile of the legal case, the technology wave which has opened its doors to […]