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A Legal Platform Which Takes Care of Business and Connects People

  Globalization of economies complemented by technological advances has opened its door for economic ventures between countries and continents for different sourcing and production activities. The way of doing business has changed drastically its: business to business or business to client. The implications of legalities in the day to day activities has increased manifold and […]

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Online Legal Freelancing Vs. Legal Cloudlancing?

  Access to information technology has not limited itself to a few but has taken under its wings a large section of its population. This has had a far outreaching consequence, not only has it made inroads into different spheres of our life but has changed the way business is carried out across the board. […]

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In-House Attorney at a Freelancing Site? LegisOne a Revolution!

  The legal practice has gone through a procedural change with the onset of Legal Process Outsourcing. This change is the byproduct of technological advancement which has overflowed its ambit in the contours of law. Today the economic situation is going through a roller coaster ride which has its implication on all spheres. Law is […]

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Legal Queries? Quick Answer at LegisOne

  Legal query in layman’s terms means any questions asked by the client regarding a legal issue they encounter. The conventional way of asking any legal query was to approach an attorney for which there was a charge. The magazines related to law seldom provided an opportunity to ask a query. It was more so […]

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LegisOne is Known for Cost Consistency in Legal Projects

  The dependency on the electronic media for legal requirements has increased manifold over the years. The advantage of storing vast amount of information at a reasonable cost has made many a law firm to up their tech requirements. What needs to be seen is that whether the firms which shifted from their traditional methods […]

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Quality issues when I outsource my legal projects to Freelancers.

  Legal Freelancing is the precursor to the age-old system where clients would accept the dictates of the law firm regarding their legal requirements. The legal freelancing websites saw its rise in the late 20th century which became more prominent with the access of internet in the households. A turnaround was evident because clients were […]

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How to get Best Attorney for my Legal Project?

  Any legal issue involves complicated nexus between given facts for any legal attorney and related regulations and statutes. Only a trained and competent attorney of that jurisdiction alone can analyse each facts with supporting regulations and advanced implications of such facts. It is very important that proper strategy has to be formulated with respect to […]

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LegisOne Selects the Best Attorney for You, Online Lawyers

  Legal Advice Online Registering a property, Starting a company, Beginning a partnership business, Helping in insolvency issues, Family dispute, Property disagreements are some of the situations that require attorneys to guide you through the ambiguous ways of the law. Law in its true form is complex and vast. A pro se approach to any […]