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  Pro-se in simple terms means legal self-representation in court without an attorney. Inspite of being aware of the complexities of legal procedures many still go pro-se due to myriad reasons. From costly attorney fees, to the attorneys preference to the profile of the legal case, the technology wave which has opened its doors to […]

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Evolving The Concept of Pro-se Litigation

  The term Pro-Se in legal patois means some who represents in the court for the legal requirements without an attorney. By law any individual has the right to represent himself in the court of law. Pro-Se representation is not a relatively new procedure but can be traced back to the country’s origin and it’s […]

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Conventional Legal Freelancing – Its Lacunae’s and LegisOne

  The beginning of the 20th century witnessed the economic recession which had an impact on the lives and services across the board. The spending power was limited which also had a bearing on their requirements which had to be either done away with or curtailed. The legal arena given the current scenario also saw […]

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A Platform Ensuring Responsible Legal Support

  Over a period of time the changing forces of economy have left its mark on the legal arena as well. The rise in the legal infrastructure and manpower costs have increased the litigation costs which cannot be denied. Initially the lack of options in terms of legal services severely restricted the bargaining power of […]

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Legal Freelancing Through Cloud Platform?

Legal Freelancing is a concept which saw its emergence in the early 20th century. Freelancing particularly is one of the least paperwork-intensive forms of business ownership. The reasons are far too many from the freedom to choose one’s professional experiences depending on one’s personal choices and a move from the confines and the conventional mode […]