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Ending once marriage is not an easy task and with the divorce proceedings being long drawn it is very trying and emotionally drains one. What is more disheartening is when the child custody issue is involved and both the parties resort to bitter tactics to win the custody case.

Agreed that the custody case cause a person to act or react irrationally it is however important to know the court would evaluate your conduct in its entirety throughout the proceedings and always behave accordingly.

Without being confrontational both the parties in the child custody cases can to an extent save themselves and the child involved from emotional or mental stress and even has a bearing on costs involved.

The costs involved in the custody issues depends on their case presented through either the traditional law or independent attorneys. The type of the custody sort also determines the cost.

Many choose the option of going pro-se where the custody issues are concerned either because of the costs involved or the lack of trust they have on their attorneys who gave them a raw deal during their divorce proceedings. The easy availability of information found online is in no way a help or does away with the ambiguity of legal connotations which can be only dealt by a seasoned attorney.

If one is going pro-se without minimum guidance of an attorney and relying on the online sites or platforms they need to make sure that relevant documents are presented at the appropriate time and they are also equipped with the facts required while presenting their arguments in the court.

If the client is facing a seasoned attorney appointed by the partner the lack of information and incomplete documents presented gets their partner to win the custody case. The online sites or do it yourself kits do not in any way make sure or guide the user in ensuring that the element of objectivity is present  while submitting the documents in the court nor the of the sequence of the documents that needs to be presented. LegisOne cloud platform provides best child custody services online.

LegisOne an online legal platform has taken the onus of ensuring that the client can just post the project the cost and time and leave the rest to be done by LegisOne. What LegisOne does is simply unique. It’s in-house and cloud attorneys work in unison on the same interface to ensure that the client is provided with the required documents complete with all the explanations and answers to the questions likely to be asked required during the proceedings. The file management system is made easy to enable all the documents to be submitted so that the client can b properly guided with respect to the sequence of documents to be submitted in the court. Unlike other legal platforms which is a drawback. LegisOne does not leave the client in isolation, the communication platform is so designed that the in house attorney working on the case makes sure to keep the client well informed.

Being pro-se is not an easy task what with all the legal intricacies seasoned attorneys and presiding judges having little patience for parents who are representing themselves. LegisOne understands the tenuity of the situation and the haplessness parent and is always one step ahead in providing the support they require for a fair hearing.