Online Foreclosure and Defense Services


Economic recession in the early 21st century saw an increase in the foreclosure due to loss of jobs which resulted in loss of income, unexpected medical bills or the adjustable-rate mortgage taken out a  couple of years ago is scheduled to reset at a much higher rate and due to this people failed to make payments towards their mortgages respectively. The increase in foreclosure can also be attributed to the fact the homeowners are unaware of the legal procedures which can stall foreclosure a fact that the lenders take advantage of.Foreclosure does not happen overnight it has its procedures which takes a long time sufficiently giving time to plan, negotiate, and evaluate the  options available. Taking advantage of the client’s lack of knowledge and information regarding mortgage banks resort to various tactics at times which is not ethical to usurp the properties of the client from changing locks on empty homes, cancelling homeowners insurance and offering mortgage borrowers a deed in lieu of foreclosure rather than a mortgage modification. Lenders also take advantage of the deed in lieu of foreclosure to gain authority to foreclose on the property. This allows the bank to take back the house without having to formally foreclose on a home.

However the homeowners in the foreclosure process have begun to fight back, by stalling foreclosure proceedings or stopping them altogether by employing the legal strategy known as foreclosure defense. The recession saw many attorneys switching their job profile to being foreclosure defense experts who ended up making a windfall from the clients in distress. However the clients who saw through the unscrupulous practice by the banks and the unreasonable charges by the attorneys decided to take things in their own hands. Legal sites and available literature did provide the necessary avenues however the legalities involved in addition to the expert attorneys of the opposite who are well versed was a deterrent. Many legal platforms did provide the clients with the required documents but the validity or the accuracy was left much to be desired.

Legisone- Legal Platform, Online Legal Services

LegisOne a legal platform to provide one of the best online Foreclosure and Defense Services. Legisone has in its entirety the ability to deal with any issues that the client faces because of the foreclosure notice. It’s in-house and cloud attorneys who work on the same platform have the competence and the knowledge to deal with the various legalities. They are able to provide the clients with well prepared documents on time knowing very well that the window for filing in a bankruptcy case is less compared to the other cases and the clients appeal can be dismissed in the court. This itself is a breather to the client and provides them the much required time to sort their matters and also ensure to try and help you avoid foreclosure. Reasonable cost and adhering to the time provides the client the much needed support especially when they are in distress. Continuity is maintained till the client requires and at every step communication is maintained by the platforms inbuilt communication panel. Its expert attorneys are able to sift through the documents provided by the client through its file management system and determine the strategies that best fits to protect you from your lender and using them or contacting the lender on your behalf to make payments manageable. LegisOne at every step when dealing with the client has a single motive to provide adequate defense strategies to avoid the clients from being evicted from their properties by the lenders.