Online Medical Regime



 Online Medical Regime

The I.T revolution has diversified consumer behavior in unprecedented ways. The change has resulted in the sprouting up of web sites that are specialized in various fields ranging from toys or sports equipment to the delivery of homemade food and other interpersonal services. Among such evolving concepts, new domains are always popping into existence like the online purchase of alcohol and prescription drugs. The new prospects mentioned above, especially the procurement of medicines online leads us to murky waters that still have drawbacks which are yet to be resolved.

The new age has got us asking the internet, for solutions that previously would have been sought only from professionals with sound reputation and expertise on the subject. While this has certain benefits like having the opportunity to gather multiple opinions to best suit our own subjective condition, the grim truth is that unverified medical advice found on the internet can be disastrous.

However, the consolidation of the online medical industry is rapid and sites such as and are providing online consultation facilities with doctors in the comfort of their homes with complete anonymity and privacy. This is really useful in cases where patients that have difficulty in mobilizing and for patients that need consultation at odd hours of the day etc.

Another aspect of seeking medical advice is getting the medicine that is prescribed by physicians. This is the grey area that requires careful analysis. While considering the nature and legality of purchasing medicines over the internet is altogether a different discussion, the fact that various over the counter drugs are available online is the undeniable reality.

There are webs sites that are registered which and operate legally ensuring the quality of service and products as well as safeguarding the privacy of the users among many other sites that function without the necessary certification which sell drugs that are not verified for effectiveness and side effects even though such sites may look legit boasting of certifications they do not really possess. While purchasing from these sites one has no surety about the quality of the medicines which may contains the wrong active ingredients or in appropriate doses. Using such products can be harmful and even life threatening and it is of utmost importance to identify sites that are authentic from other malicious sites.

Some of the key aspects one must inquire about the website before buying medicines from them are – whether the web site has been licensed by state or national Board of Pharmacy. This can be done by consulting the agency from which the web site claims to be licensed from, another effective way is to only buy from sites that require a prescription to be uploaded before an order can be placed. One should also enquire whether a licensed practitioner is available to answer queries and see that the website has enlisted contact numbers and not just email ids.

In America, users must look for a Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites seal known as the VIPPS seal given by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy to confirm the websites reliability. The VIPPS website also enlists authentic online pharmacy websites. It is advisable to not give any personal information like credit card information, medical and other personal information to sites that are not verified by the concerned authorities as many such sites aim to capitalize on the information database that they collect from clients. While lots of progress and innovation has occurred in the field of online Medicare, many touch ups and self-regulative practices are necessary to ensure that no harm is done.