Online Prenuptial Agreement

online prenuptial agreement


Statistics indicate a disheartening picture in the increase in number of divorces irrespective of geographical location religion or any community. One cannot zero in on a reason for a marital discord, it’s subjective. However there is a common factor that is common to all and is a cause of discord in any relation be it marriage or professional or any relation even in the case of the death of a spouse: Property and Finance.

The issue of finance and property has been always either the reason or one of the reasons of discord even at the death of a spouse, more so in a  marital discord when couples are heading for a divorce. To a large extent this discord or any kind of disagreement in a marriage or in the case of a death of a spouse regarding property or finance can be avoided by signing a Prenuptial Agreement not a relatively new idea culturally or legally.

Online Prenuptial Agreement in simple terms means common legal step taken before marriage where the property and financial rights of each spouse is established  in the event of a divorce. The reasons are many for drawing an agreement from protecting  one party from taking on the debts of the other, protect the assets of one party, to decide the  manner in which property will be  passed on after death of a spouse or simplify property division in the event of divorce and clarify financial responsibilities of the parties. Prenuptial Agreement also comes in being more useful especially where children’s custody or their assets  are to be protected in case of divorce or either spouse remarrying.

The cost involved in drawing out the Prenuptial Agreement varies depending on the wealth involved and also the law firm one goes to. In a law firm nothing is confidential and especially something as sensitive as a Prenuptial Agreement the clients do prefer a certain degree of confidentiality. Then again there is a probability that the law firms or an independent lawyer who deals with these kinds of issues would give priority to draw agreements which could get them a higher payment.

Technology has provided enough avenues to do things on our own and even simplified many tasks as well. There are many do-it-yourself books, kits or computer software’s available. However the errors cannot be done away nor does it take care of the different legal interpretations that a client can come across while drawing an agreement on their own. There are several online services that will walk you through the document creation process but with those online services their work ends once the agreement is drawn. There is no continuity with the client henceforth.

Knowing that the client will face issues if the agreement is not drafted appropriately LegisOne an online legal platform was designed to overcome any such issues. It’s in-house and cloud attorneys who work in unison on the same interface ensure drawing a smooth and straightforward document. This saves both the time and cost incurred by the client if approaching the traditional law firm.

The project management system integrated in the LegisOne platform gives the client the facility of providing sensitive documents related to their finances or property to maintain confidentiality. The state of the art communication platform ensures that the client is able to communicate with the attorney till the Prenuptial Agreement is agreed by both the parties and signed duly. Client confidentiality is maintained by making sure that  once the project is posted the authorized person has the discretion to decide if it has to be handed over to an another cloud attorney for drawing the agreement or not.

LegisOne provides the client a platform with the attorneys who are well versed in family law with the skills of a joint negotiator who believes in building relationships without any scope for discord.