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LegisOne Protect your Ideas & Business Ventures

  An idea is the  foundation on which all businesses are built. It is imperative that we safeguard our ideas and the resulting business that develops from it. The ever changing economy has widened the scope and the opportunities for new inventions and businesses resulting immense profits and fame from these inventions or otherwise. The […]

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A Support of Virtual Law Firm? LegisOne

  The profession of law is historically known to resist change. Attorneys at times are so rooted in their traditional way of practice that they refuse to see the changes that is happening around them in the way legal works are being done. No longer the clients are ready to accept the traditional legal practice […]

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An Innovative Committed Legal Cloudlancing Platform

  Information Technology has slowly made its way into different spheres of our lives. So much so that the field of law has also come into its grip. The effect of information technology has made considerable changes in the way legal work is being done. The firms have realized the potential of technology the effect […]

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LegisOne is Ready to Face any Contingencies and Eventualities!!

  Contingencies and eventualities are two aspects which are part of any legal plaint that one comes across. No matter how water tight the contracts are drawn and factors taken into consideration, the resulting changes in the environment does expose them to the risks. There is considerable ambiguity in the term contingencies and eventualities in […]

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How Can We Assure the Quality of Your Legal Project?

  Legal project in common parlance means project with legal implications. The firms with their army of lawyers work to ensure that the client’s requirements are met with regards to their legal project. However it is seen that the path taken to get this done is fraught with high legal costs and project precedence based […]

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Responsible Legal Freelancing – LegisOne

  Access to legal information and legal requirements met by professional and ethical lawyers is the basic requirement of any individual. Legal practice has undergone changes and it is very evident in the profit making attitude of the attorneys. Billing by the hour by attorneys, prioritizing cases based on the mileage both in terms of […]