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If one were to look at the current scenario related to rise in patenting it can be attributed to the country’s inclination for innovation partly which is the result of U.S. patent law which encourages and protects the inventors. However on the flip side: why still many inventors shy away from patenting their inventions which just remains in the book benefitting none.

A discovery or an invention is always useful and needs to be promoted and patented to protect one’s work. Prior to approaching a patent lawyer it is imperative to do a patent search before one realizes that it may be already patented. This saves time, effort and the expense of reinventing the wheel on a preexisting discovery or an invention.

A patent search is not only  specific to patenting an invention by an individual  but also helpful for large and small businesses who would like to obtain an opinion and a patent search conducted so that they would not be held liable for patent infringement should they go ahead and  produce a product that might have been already patented.

For a client who is contemplating entry into a particular field would require an in depth research which outlines the path that must be followed, which is both time consuming and incurs high cost.

Patent search is a daunting task and requires considerable amount of expertise, takes a lot of time and comes with substantial liability for the patent attorney who offers the opinion and information. Considering the level of work involved the legal costs involved also is high.

If one is going through a patent law firm for patent search the firm is bound to charge the client both for the legal work involved and also the cost incurred by the lawyer for getting the work done through a firm which has the expertise to do the search.

There are however online search tools which could help cut one’s  legal cost and if you confirm that your invention has not been patented you can go ahead and download free Provisional Patent Application Form and do the needful. At the same time, one should be aware that doing this without any expert attorney’s help, has risks involved from lengthy legal litigation to paying huge sums of money as compensation.

How can you get your invention patented at a reasonable cost which covers all the legal aspects as well as patent search?  The answer is very simple LegisOne: A legal platform which has a two tier legal system comprising of cloud attorney’s experts in different fields of law and in-house attorneys working on the same interface. The entire process involved in applying for a Patent, like filling up the form, drafting the ‘specification’ details etc would be done without any delays or errors. The joint expertise of the cloud attorneys and in-house attorneys not only reduces the time spend on the required work which reduces the cost the client has to pay as compared to approaching a conventional law  firm.

Besides a team of trained attorneys, LegisOne has in its pool an expert US Patent Attorney who is well versed with the legal requirements and procedures. The technology used by the team of attorneys in LegisOne accelerates the work related to patent search thereby reducing the time taken which in turns makes it economical in terms of legal costs.

Patent search is not a simple task and LegisOne will not be unrealistic about the time and cost involved.  However what LegisOne would do is ease the burden of cost and delays that could be faced while approaching a conventional law firm.