Pro-se in simple terms means legal self-representation in court without an attorney. Inspite of being aware of the complexities of legal procedures many still go pro-se due to myriad reasons. From costly attorney fees, to the attorneys preference to the profile of the legal case, the technology wave which has opened its doors to various legal sites and the accessibility of information empowering  people to take control of their own legal needs.

The pro-se do not realize that law has its web of intricacy which it cannot deal with by itself. They do not fathom the seriousness of submitting proper documents that has to be filled out properly and filed with the court by certain dates, the copies to be sent to the other side by a certain date, the filing of the case within a certain amount of time. Rules before you can use any kinds of evidence to prove your case.

If they expect that the judges are going to be either lenient or tip the scales of judgement in their favour it does not happen and the expected happens the represented party is more likely to receive a favorable outcome. At times even before they see the insides of a courtroom they loose and this is because they do not show up for a hearing or the trial because they do not understand nor are guided by any legal expert about the rules, processes and procedures involved in lawsuits.

Given that pro- se is very much going to be a part of the very system and they  do receive a fair share of justice LegisOne a online legal platform has been so created to provide them with all the legal support. All that is required is to register in the platform with the relevant details of the legal requirement.Once the turn around time and the cost is fixed in consultation with the client the project is handed over to the attorney’s experts in the required field.

The attorneys through the LegisOne platform and it’s in built state of the art communication and file management system elicit all information and relevant documents. This ensures that the documents are readied on time with relevant details and required explanations for the pro-se to present their case. LegisOne does not leave the client in isolation, once the case is filed it maintains its contact and at every step guides the client by providing relevant information supporting documents required so that the client gets a fair share of hearing.

Its two tier system of having cloud and in-house attorneys working on the same interface sees to that at no step any delay is there for the pro- se either to submit their court documents or make themselves heard in the court of law. Continued support for pro-se throughout litigation will give them the confidence and the ability to get their dues.