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Web Development Agreement

Web Development Agreement- Basics

Web development agreement, is for the procurement of website design and development services between a web designer and a company or an individual. When drafting such an agreement many clauses are prepared indicating the customer requirements and website specification; the development price and timetable etc. A key aspect of any agreement is to define clearly the services which the developer is to provide. The Web Development Agreement helps to clearly define the services sought and remuneration offered. It has clauses related to confidentiality, Indemnification, Severability, laws effecting electronic commerce etc. A good WDA clearly defines the liabilities of the web developer and the other party with respect to the use of the website and any obligation arising from it.

A Web development agreement ensures that a party cannot evade liability in case of any damages occurring from errors in service from the web developer and protects both parties from breaches by the other. When a client requests a law firm to prepare a WDA, it considers all the requirements of the client and prepares a draft that has all the specifications that are sought by him such as work product ownership clause, developer retention clause etc.

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