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What is LegisOne Cloud ?

LegisOne Cloud is the pool of virtual attorneys like you, from different jurisdictions around the world. The Virtual Attorneys in LegisOne Cloud are Freelancers working for those clients who post their projects in the most innovative and productive platform www.legisone.com. Register with LegisOne Cloud and become a member in the attorney pool of www.Legisone.com. LegisOne Cloud is an innovative and committed endeavor to terminate the extortion of conventional Freelancing sites upon the Legal Freelancers…!! More professional, and More rewarding..

Why LegisOne Cloud ?

You may be tired with the long process of bidding in the conventional freelancing sites. You have to pay monthly fees to place bids in the projects with them. Additionally they charge you huge cost for placing bids in the projects posted by the clients. To add to the extortion, there are huge retentions as commission. Here we are , There is no bidding!! No membership fee!! No cost per bid!! No commission on completed project. We directly assign you the work. You are supported with our In-House legal team to finish the work…

How to Work With Us

We don’t charge you anything. We need highly qualified and experienced attorneys to work with us virtually. Your investment is your qualification, expertise, skill, and commitment.Unlike any other Freelancing sites we have stringent process of recruitment. We need to ensure that we recruit qualified ones. We need to ensure their expertise. We need the credentials to be verified. We may have different skill and subject tests. Based on continuing performance you can grow as team leader and further.

  • Stringent Selection Procedure

    Unlike any other freelancer site, LegisOne has stringent selection procedure for virtual attorneys to the CloudPool.

  • Highly qualified and experienced and reasonable in cost

    Rest assured that the entire team in the Cloud Attorney Pool are highly qualified and experienced in their expertise area of law and jurisdiction.

  • Covers all major countries

    LegisOne has best virtual attorneys from all major countries to ensure you legal service for any legal jurisdiction. Do your business globally.

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  • LegisOne Testimonial

    "This type of collaboration is exactly what outsourcing should be about. You provided us a needed tool that we would not have been able to afford using a local law firm. My mind is working on what else I can grant you to do that will make another impact for us just like the "legal admissibility of electronic documents" task."

    Mr.Richard S Palmer
    ImageWorld LLC

  • LegisOne Testimonial

    The services this team will provide you with by far will exceed anyone's expectations. LegisOne you are the greatest. Thank you for helping me for I am one of many that had no hope, until you showed up on the scene, I'm spreading the word, if you need legal help LegisOne has exactly what you need.

    Ms.Michelle Blackwell.

  • LegisOne Testimonial

    " From the get go, it was clear that the attorney had a deep understanding of business matters, pitfalls, potential problems and psychology, much more that I had anticipated. The work was rendered in a timely, courteous and professional manner. The final work product was impeccable. I am very satisfied "

    Mr.Alan L. Kliff
    AK Immigration Consultants

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