For Corporations, startups, government entities, individuals and non-profits, the increasing legal costs are a hot subject when it comes to budgeting. One cannot blame the conventional Law Firms for their huge cost structure given their intense infrastructure and attorney expenses. It is a strategic decision albeit a very shrewd one to overcome such cost barriers of conventional law firms through innovative alternatives.

  1. Outsourcing is an option. But the typical Legal Process outsourcing firms are engaged only in paralegal or supporting legal works such as document review, data entry etc.
  2. Legal Freelancing is another option. However, the freelancers available online are anonymous, there is no mechanism to ensure their credibility and cost.

LegisOne can be your answer to the above dilemma

Ours is a unique platform to give you the cost structure of a Freelancer or outsourcing Firm, to accomplish your legal projects with the responsibility of a Law Firm. Thus we combine the advantages of having your own retainer law firm with flexibility of a freelancer. Thus you end up with an in-house law firm. LegisOne is not a Law firm, however it gives you the quality and commitment as same as Law Firm.

LegisOne gives you the lowest cost quote, since the entire activities are online, we reduce the infrastructure cost. We negotiate with the Freelancers and get the lowest rate you can ever get.

The most notable advantage in terms of Cost is its consistency as through LegisOne, the market players negotiate directly with the Freelancers and the Cost fixed with them shall be the lowest possible with the expected quality parameters.