1. Dedicated to Legal Services alone.
    Unlike any other Freelancer Site, LegisOne is providing only Legal Services. You can make sure that you are getting the best services from the experts in the domain you seek expertise for.
  2. Run by Legal Experts & supported by a Law Firm
    This is not another E-commerce site for us. LegisOne is run and supported by an established international Law firm. The management team is consisted of attorneys and the service is provided by the team supported by Attorneys.
  3. In-House Attorneys to assess your project viability-FOR FREE
    You can’t expect such responsible service from any other freelancing services. Our In-House attorneys do the project viability analysis of your project for FREE. You may proceed with the project based on the project viability and strategic initial advice of our legal team.
  4. No Bidding to Select an attorney
    Say goodbye to the conventional game of bidding and getting fooled. You may just post the project. LegisOne shall do the rest. It is the responsibility of LegisOne to select a best attorney or team of attorneys for you. The paramount considerations of LegisOne in attorney search is Quality, Cost and Time.
  5. LegisOne Select the best Virtual Attorney for you from the Cloud
    Just post your legal project and leave rest to us. LegisOne has the tool and database to select the best attorney for you to accomplish your legal project. The Selection is done by a team of In-House attorneys based on the expertise, cost and Project Completion Time etc.
  6. LegisOne negotiate on cost with the Virtual Attorneys and gives you the best quote
    LegisOne never compromises on quality. We are committed to give you the best quote so as to provide you all the benefits of outsourcing. Be assured that you can’t get such a consistent and less quote from any other service providers with identical responsibility.
  7. In-House Attorney Supervise your project
    There is pool of qualified and highly experienced In-House attorneys with LegisOne to supervise your project right from project in-take till post delivery service.
  8. Quality check by LegisOne In-House attorney team
    Before delivering any draft or final product, the In-House attorney team does an in-depth quality analysis and ensure that you get the best work from LegisOne.
  9. Assured Project Completion Time and Delivery
    Since the project is being done by a team on attorneys, the project will be done professionally and systematically to deliver you the work in time.
  10. 100% money back without raising dispute
    We offer 100% money back, not to attract you but, such an offer carry our confidence of past 10 years of legal services, no one had sought for refund. If you are not satisfied with the work we have done, just send a mail detailing the reason and we shall refund you the amounts you paid us.