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LegisOne is the innovative and committed platform to extend you the flexibility of a Legal Freelancing Site and reliability of a Law Firm!

When you have a project, just post it to LegisOne. You may fix the Cost & Time Cap and leave the rest with LegisOne.

Unique and Innovative way rendering Online Legal Services

LegisOne has a pool consisting thousands of Virtual Attorneys around the world in our cloud system. When you post a project best virtual attorney is selected to accomplish your work. LegisOne has its own trained and qualified In-House Attorneys to co-ordinate; manage and supervise your legal project.

How to get your Legal Projects done Online through LegisOne?

You may be individual, business, Non-Profit or any other entity. Register for Free as a Client with legisOne. Any of your legal projects, drafting an agreement, doing legal research, drafting a complaint, any litigation document, trademark or patents work. Post your legal project whenever you have a requirement. Leave rest to LegisOne.

We select the Attorney for you

LegisOne has pool of thousands of registered virtual attorneys from all countries. We select the best attorney for your project, prioritizing on the urgency and skill requirement. Be assured that your work is handled by the best attorney/team.

Total Supervision

After receiving the project LegisOne in-house Attorneys will dive headfirst to preview the case to ensure all requirements is met. This process will keep the project on track, we’ll follow-up a process to monitor the work, till the final delivery of the work product.

Moneyback guaranteed

If you're not satisfied with the final work product, be confident to seek refund of your money. We assure 100% refund. It's the highest assurance to say we have satisfied customers. We trust our performance and honesty of our customers.

  • Stringent Selection Procedure

    Unlike any other freelancer site, LegisOne has stringent selection procedure for virtual attorneys to the CloudPool.

  • Highly qualified and experienced and reasonable in cost

    Rest assured that the entire team in the Cloud Attorney Pool are highly qualified and experienced in their expertise area of law and jurisdiction.

  • Covers all major countries

    LegisOne has best virtual attorneys from all major countries to ensure you legal service for any legal jurisdiction. Do your business globally.

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Upon Comparison you have only Advantages with LegisOne
  • Not setup Fees, pay as you go
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee without “Arbitration” or any other dispute resolution mechanism
  • No Bidding and selection process, post your legal project rightaway & we take care of the rest
  • Reduce your annual legal budget, if you are a business
  • State of the art cloud technology to ensure confidentiality, security and virtual legal data rack


360° Professionalism from project intake till delivery
  • Detailed project viability analysis by in house attorneys before project intake
  • Detailed cost structure and Turn around time analysis to save your money and time
  • Technology enabled, inhouse team led attorney selection for you from the cloud attorney pool
  • Thorough inhouse attorney supervision upon works of virtual attorney to maintain quality


Expertise of a Law firm + Flexibility of freelancing
  • LegisOne covers all areas of Legal Practice, Corporate, Litigation, IP, Tax and ALL !!
  • LegisOne has virtual attorneys from all countries, gives you the best experts of required jurisdiction.
  • LegisOne In-house attorneys are internationally experienced and qualified.
  • Stringent recruitment procedure to ensure the quality and expertise of the Virtual Attorneys.
  • Each project is analyzed by the in-house attorneys to select the best virtual attorney suitable for your legal project.
  • LegisOne Testimonial

    "This type of collaboration is exactly what outsourcing should be about. You provided us a needed tool that we would not have been able to afford using a local law firm. My mind is working on what else I can grant you to do that will make another impact for us just like the "legal admissibility of electronic documents" task."

    Mr.Richard S Palmer
    ImageWorld LLC

  • LegisOne Testimonial

    The services this team will provide you with by far will exceed anyone's expectations. LegisOne you are the greatest. Thank you for helping me for I am one of many that had no hope, until you showed up on the scene, I'm spreading the word, if you need legal help LegisOne has exactly what you need.

    Ms.Michelle Blackwell.

  • LegisOne Testimonial

    " From the get go, it was clear that the attorney had a deep understanding of business matters, pitfalls, potential problems and psychology, much more that I had anticipated. The work was rendered in a timely, courteous and professional manner. The final work product was impeccable. I am very satisfied "

    Mr.Alan L. Kliff
    AK Immigration Consultants

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