1. What is LegisOne?
    LegisOne is a comprehensive Cloud-based platform dedicated to legal work. You can post any of your legal projects through LegisOne. After agreeing on cost and Time Cap, we will search for the best attorney or team of attorneys to do your work more efficiently, within the given time cap and cost. To put in a nutshell, LegisOne is your in-house lawyer.

  2. How LegisOne is different from other freelancer sites?
    LegisOne is not a freelance website, different because it is a cloud platform comprising a pool of virtual attorneys from all countries and In-house attorneys of LegisOne. No bidding required, just post your project and we will do the rest. There is no geographical limitation, you can be sitting anywhere or in any part of the world and you will get your work done by a professional who is an expert on the laws of your jurisdiction. The major difference is the responsibility and the commitment that we take up upon your legal project.

  3. Does LegisOne provides any other services other than legal services?
    Fortunately NO !!. We are dedicated to legal work and we do provide only legal related services.

  4. What is the previous expertise of LegisOne in the field of Legal Services?

    LegisOne had been providing Virtual Legal services to our many clients in almost all common law countries, and now we have shifted our services to a separate platform on Cloud, and the LegisOne Team has hardcore experience in all branches of law in all major jurisdictions.

  5. Why LegisOne says Legal Freelancing has much demerits?
    If you post a project in the conventional freelancer sites, the process is through bidding. Most of the time the lowest bid shall be by amateurs or beginners. You may not have any mechanism to assess the expertise of the attorney. The freelancing site will never take up the responsibility on the expertise of the attorney. Thus it is a gambling for you to select an attorney. The solo practitioners in the freelancing sites cannot be relied in terms of reliability. If they are sick or not able to work for unforeseen reasons, your project will be in trouble. When it comes to do legal work there are certain area that needs special care. When you engage a freelancer you can’t ensure that the strange freelancer selected through the freelancing site shall be competent enough to accomplish your project with required expertise and skill · LegisOne is a courageous attempt to fill all these lacunas. LegisOne has strict process of recruitment of Virtual Attorneys (Freelancers). This ensures that only qualified, experienced and expert attorneys work for you in your given project. LegisOne is not a babysitting for budding professionals. It is a serious workspace for trained hardcore attorneys. · Since there are a pool of virtual attorneys and a very good team of In-House attorneys, LegisOne is ready to face any contingencies and eventualities. LegisOne makes sure that your project is delivered in agreed time irrespective of the working attorneys.

  6. Is LegisOne cost effective like other freelancing sites?
    The conventional freelancing sites are just betting. Sometimes you may get an underquoted amateur attorney and on another urgent occasion it would be too high. LegisOne pricing policy is consistent. We conduct a thorough cost analysis. We never quote like a lawfirm. We give you the full benefits of Freelancing. With consistent pricing, one can expect reasonable cost per project. Your advantage is that you will not be overbilled or over quoted in LegisOne, unlike other freelancing sites.

  7. Is there any Membership Fee or Commissions to be paid while posting a project with LegisOne?
    It is free and there is no membership fee to post your project on LegisOne, user will have to register with their details for communication and post their project straightaway. You need not pay any cost for using the LegisOne legal project management platform.

  8. Can I negotiate on cost with LegisOne before commencing a Legal project?
    Yes you can negotiate and post your budget for that project, though we give you the quote after strict cost analysis.

  9. Can I negotiate on other terms like Project Completion Time, Milestones, formats, word counts with LegisOne?
    Sure. You, the customer is the king here. You decide and you direct. LegisOne will respond you if there is any practical difficulty to the stipulations you set forth.

  10. What is Cloudsourcing?
    Cloudlancing means the benefit of Cloud (virtual lawyer/pool of lawyers online) plus Freelancing. We have a pool of thousands of attorneys in our cloud database to deal with your project, and from any part of the world. And unlike any other freelancing sites we have hundreds of In-House attorneys to supervise your legal project. You have more flexibility than appointing a freelancer to deal with your project.

  11. Whether my project details will be posted publicly in LegisOne?
    No. We will not be posting any information about our clients or their cases on any domain including LegisOne. You can be assured of the confidentiality of the contents and documents that you share with us. In other freelancing sites, your project description would be posted in public.

  12. How virtual attorneys are being selected to the cloud pool of LegisOne?
    When you post your project, based on the budget and lead time, we will select the Attorney from our cloud pool and assign them with work. It may be a single attorney or pool of attorneys. It all depends on the nature of your project, cost, and lead time.

  13. Does LegisOne verify the credentials and competency of the attorneys in the pool?
    Yes! Prior to enrolling attorneys, LegisOne makes a thorough background verification, ensure their certificates and other academic documents. They have to undergo skill test. Only after this stringent check we take them on board of LegisOne.

  14. What does it mean by in-house attorneys of LegisOne?
    LegisOne has two tier Attorney system.
    Level 1. It has its own attorneys as staff in their own premises and permanent pay roll. They are not freelancers. They are termed as In-House attorneys. They are highly qualified and highly experienced in multi jurisdictions.
    Level 2. Virtual Attorneys those who are working as freelancers with LegisOne, though they are selected through stringent procedure of registration. They work on ad-hoc basis for LegisOne as and when suitable projects comes for them. The role of the In-House attorneys are very important. They are the attorneys who manage, supervise, and deliver you your project. They liaise with the virtual attorneys who work for you and manage the entire work. No other freelancing platforms provide you the responsible dedicated in-house attorneys to manage your project, that too without any additional cost !!

  15. What is the difference between in-house and virtual attorneys of LegisOne?
    In-House attorneys shall be the managers and supervisors of your project. They get involved right from the beginning, project viability analysis, selecting virtual attorney to do your work, communicate with you, remain as the contact point , supervise the quality and time of the project and deliver you the best product. Virtual attorneys do not work in our premises. They are enrolled with us after the strict process of recruitment and verifications. They are experts in different branches of law. Whatever may be your required expertise, such as intellectual property, litigation family law, research etc… we will have qualified and experienced virtual attorneys (freelancer attorney) from the country. LegisOne select the best attorney from the pool and assign them the work. LegisOne knows the least possible cost in your project and we negotiate with the virtual attorney and you get the lowest price and best attorney.

  16. How will I get the best attorney to work on my project?
    This is how LegisOne is different from other freelancing platforms. We have a large pool of experienced and qualified attorneys from all major countries in the world. When you post a project with LegisOne, our experienced In-House attorneys evaluate the project and analyses its viability and required expertise. We search through the system database and manual analysis to short list few virtual attorneys to accomplish your project. The LegisOne team negotiate with the virtual attorneys(freelancers) to fix the price and the Project Completion Time. Since LegisOne knows each virtual attorney from their past performance, LegisOne can assure that you are getting the best virtual attorney(s) to finish your project for you. There is no headaches for you like follow ups with the virtual attorney, as it would be done by our own team. We assure you , for these services there is no additional cost !!

  17. Do I have any role in selecting the attorney to be worked for me?
    LegisOne needs you to post the project and relax. You can definitely tell us the required expertise of the attorney to work for you. We take the responsibility in selecting the best attorney for you and we take the responsibility in him completing the work within the time with expected quality. That is how we can assure you 100% money back guarantee in case you are not happy with the final work product.

  18. Whether LegisOne is providing other services than Legal services?
    No. We want to give you best and exclusive service in your Legal requirements. This is where we have expertise. This is where we can compete with any one. We are dedicated to legal services. If you have a legal project, just think of LegisOne, no other better option.

  19. What all are the responsibilities LegisOne will undertake in my legal project?
    After the review of the initial work, the responsibility of LegisOne is to accomplish the work in a stipulated time.Please bear in mind that LegisOne is not a registered law firm in your jurisdiction. This is an extended version of Legal Freelancing or Legal Outsourcing. We do not replace a licensed attorney of your jurisdiction, where it otherwise requires.

  20. What is the first step I have to do to start a legal project with LegisOne?
    Step 1. The user will have to register themselves on LegisOne as a member. This is FREE
    Step.2 Post your project with their expected budget and time frame.
    Step 3. Make the agreed payment in advance and let LegisOne commence the work
    Step.4 Respond to all the queries and supply all the requested documents as and when it is requested by LegisOne team.
    Step 5. Be cool and manage your project with the LegisOne team through the highly sophisticated LegisOne Project Management Platform.
    Step.6 Get your project completed, and receive the final work product.

  21. Is there any membership fee to get services of LegisOne?
    There is no membership or other related fees to post your project on LegisOne

  22. How the cost and Project Completion Time of my Legal Project would be fixed in my Legal project?
    Our in-house team will review the nature or work before we confirm the project, and based on their finding we will anticipate and set a target date of completion. This date will be informed to the client to know their understanding, after which we shall be proceeding with the project. You can have negotiations with LegisOne team in terms of cost and Time frame, though we shall be giving you the best fee quote and time cap. We are sure you will agree to the fee and time caps without any negotiations.

  23. When will my legal project be deemed as “Started” with LegisOne?
    After the go-ahead from the in-house attorney, legisOne will inform the client about the process and confirm their understanding. Once we get the approval we will tag it as ‘project-in- process’, and user can view it on their desktop setting of legisOne admin.

  24. Can I contact the attorneys directly? who will be my contact point at LegisOne?
    Be relaxed !! We take care of you. You will have a dedicated In-house attorney to manage your project. You will have access to him. The entire project team shall be on alert upon receiving each of your communications and you will be responded on time upon your queries

  25. How I can communicate with LegisOne Team?
    There is a state of the art communication platform in LegisOne. You may just post your queries in the communication pane, you will get immediate comprehensive response from the dedicated attorney. He will communicate with all team members for you and get your tasks/requirements accomplished within no span of time.

  26. How I can upload files?
    You are working on a state-of the art Project Management Platform. You can create folders in your project management page and upload files to the default or created folders.

  27. Can I fix milestones in my project?
    We would request you to fix the milestones while posting the project itself. However you are free to add milestones at any later stage. We do not encourage you to shorten the agreed time periods as we give the fee and time caps that you have previously agreed.

  28. Who will be working for me at LegisOne on my project?
    We will have a selected team of In-House and Virtual Attorneys to complete your project.

  29. How will I know the progress of my project with LegisOne?
    LegisOne has a unique project tracking system. You will be given regular updates to your email id upon each stage of the project. Additionally you can have access to the project management platform in which you can track the status of your project, each milestone and each task.

  30. At what point I have to make payment?
    After the project is found by the LegisOne team as viable to start, you and LegisOne will agree upon the fee, time and other terms. After entering into the agreement, you may have to make 100% upfront payment. Your money shall be safe in our escrow and the same shall be refunded to you in case, you are not happy with the work product. We are sure you will never demand refund. That is our confidence and strength.

  31. Is there any discount schemes available?
    For our regular clients we have schemes, which we will announce at intervals.

  32. Can my company keep LegisOne as my virtual Legal Team?
    Yes, LegisOne can be your Virtual Legal Office. You can reduce cost. You can have better control over your legal projects. You can avoid litigations. LegisOne will work as your In-House attorney team.

  33. What if I am not happy with the service or deliverables of LegisOne?
    If you are not happy with our work, just send us an email to apprise us your dissatisfaction, we will try to rework on the area. We will make sure that our work expectation.

  34. Will I get refund if I am not satisfied with the deliverable or final work?
    Yes, if you are still not happy, we can then refund the amount you incurred as fees to LegisOne.

  35. What is the procedure to get refund?
    An email is enough to let us know your discontent & we will refund the amount

  36. What is the kind of Supervision LegisOne does on my project?
    Our in-house attorney keeps a close tab on the development of the project and update you accordingly as you see them on your desktop. There will be a dedicated in-house team to supervise your project.

  37. Which all are the countries/jurisdictions for which LegisOne provide Service?
    We are just Global….!! We cover all jurisdictions in the world as we have virtual attorneys from almost all countries.

  38. Which are the areas of practice LegisOne can provide service?
    Any of the Legal branch … No Legal practice classification would be out of the reach of our virtual attorneys.

  39. Whether LegisOne attorneys shall appear in the Court on behalf of me?
    No, LegisOne attorney will not appear in court. We shall not represent you anywhere. We are not licensed to represent a client anywhere. You may have to find a licensed attorney to represent you in any task including court appearance.

  40. Whether LegisOne shall file Patent, Trademark , Copyright applications on my behalf?
    Yes, LegisOne will support you to file Patent, Trademark, and copyright application on your behalf.

  41. Can I withdraw the project halfway?
    LegisOne do not encourage withdrawal when the project is under half way.

  42. If I do affiliate marketing for LegisOne will I get any discount on my invoices?
    Yes, LegisOne has this provision to extend certain amount of discount to its clients if they promote LegisOne. Please contact our marketing wing to discuss on this.