About the Company

LegisOne is the cloud based Legal Service Platform, owned and managed by IP Legal Services Private Limited (IPLS). IPLS is an duly registered private limited company, managed by many legal, IT and management experts, having major support from Biz & Legis a registered Global Virtual Law Firm. IPLS have its offices in India, USA and Singapore.


LegisOne intends to connect the individuals and businesses across the world, who needs to get the best legal services; with the best attorneys in the world, through a responsible cloud platform.

Jolly John


Jolly John, Chairman of IP Legal Services Private Limited, who also serves as the Principal Partner of Biz & Legis is a double masters degree holder in law, in commercial law and IT & IP law. A former Senior Associate in Corporate and Commercial practice group of world’s leading law firm Baker & McKenzie, now he is devoted in the most innovative “cloudlancing” services in legal field.

Message from the Chairman

Legal Practice is a blend of service and business. It is best service when you are committed to it, with its quality. When you use the best tools and methodology, it is the best business to grow. Our endeavor through LegisOne is to blend technology with legal acumen. We devise it as "LEGAL CLOUDLANCING".